NU, LDII agree to fight against misleading teachings

Kediri, E Java (ANTARA) – The executive boards of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and the Indonesian Islamic Propogation Institute (LDII) agreed to fight against misleading teachings in Indonesia.

“We must fight against the misleading teachinggs as they have created conflicts among Muslims,” NU`s Associate Chairman KH Said Aqiel Siradj said at a post-fasting get-together at LDII`s boarding school here on Sunday.

He further said the teachings developed by Qiyadah Islamiyah on the emergence of a new prohpet for Muslims besides Prophet Muhammad had triggered conflicts among Muslims.

“If it is only ikhtilaf (differences in opinion) like those on the dates of Muslim holidays, it doesn`t matter but if it has dealt with a question on the prophet, it has concerned `syariah`, a matter of Islamic law,” he said.

Meanwhile, LDII General Chairman KH Abdullah Syam shared the same opinion with Said Aqiel Siradj. “Thus, the government and MUI (the Indonesian Ulemas Council) must take stern measures against Qiyadah Islamiyah,” he said.

Both Siradj and Syam agreed that the government must soon eliminate misleading teachings including those developed by Qiyadah Islamiyah but with prior approaches and enlightenment.

“If approaches and enlightenment fail, there is no other way but disbanding them by force,” Siradj said. The myriad of new teachings in Islam, Siradj said, was part of the euphoria in the era of freedom making people easy to create new teachings.

Siradj said a number of Islamic organizations in Indonesia like LDII, NU (the largest in the country) and Muhammadiyah (the second largest) were demanded to play strategic roles in fighting against misleading teachings.

Syam opined that the myriad of misleading teachings in Indonesia was insparable from globalization influences of western countries that wished to disunit Muslims in the country. Siradj and Syam also agreed that such misleading teachings only followed a trend which temporarily developed in certain places.(*) (

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