Islamic oganization LDII condemns bomb atAttack on Pakistan hotel

The Indonesian Islamic Propagation Institute (LDII) on Sunday condemned the suspected suicide car bomb attack on the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad that killed more than 40 people on Saturday.

“Not only non-Muslims but also Muslims in the country fell victim to the bomb attack. This is fasting month. The perpetrators of the bomb attack must respect it and refrain from committing a crime that claims the lives of other people. The bomb attack is certainly not the act of a Muslim,” LDII Chairman Prasetyo Sunaryo said.

Press reports said at least 43 people were killed and about 250 others injured in the bomb attack. A number of buildings near the scene also caught fire after the blast. The blast came a few hours after Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari delivered his first speech before lawmakers at the parliament building located hundreds of meters from the scene.

A number of Islamic mass organizations in Indonesia alleged that foreign parties had tried to disrupt harmony among adherents of different faiths, particularly between Muslims and non-Muslims in the world.

“We, Muslims, must always keep watch for any attempt by foreign parties who try to disrupt harmony among adherents of different faiths. That is why we call on religious adherents in Indonesia to be united so we cannot easily be pitted one against the other,” he said. (*) (

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